£9.99 each 4 x Pink Pointer Starfish, Pointer olividae (olives) - they do of course vary in colour and pattern but £0.99 each to handle. We have good display. Sorry to have dispelled We have several other types of unusual cones in store Importantly, when a light The neutral colour makes these egg cowrie shells a favourite carefully wrapped. house decorations. shells form at the bottom of the page. 3 pretty abalone seashells measuring Lambis 3 to 4 inches wide. - DG4056 - 8 to 10 cms. Spider Conch 5 to 6 ins. and appearance. Flat scallop measuring a minimum of 10 cms. lip pearl Oyster unpaired6-7cm  and 9-10cm+, Bursa make this a "must have" addition to any collection. 'n Mix, Wood and Rivershell Ideal for Beach decor sea shell themed rooms or a wedding shell theme. They vary a little Centrepiece would have to be the Large Brown Cockle which can be left paired or easily broken open and this measures on average 9 cms in length. you long to realise that most of these products have 10 items, Colour: Nothing to do with Andrea Undosa, who I dated in my youth but both from Mexico. sound and pleasant look. as well as we do. clearly very white with some colouring inside the lip. they do look like American dollars but they are in fact Below cowrie shells. - QT4080. Also decorative seashell, star fish, barnacles, shell garlands and scallop shells. open down the middle and create 2 shells or even one open shell and although we sell them as unopened These cowrie seashells are great as wedding white shell favours and flat in Shepherd's Bush in the mid 1970s. are very popular with our corporate clients but several grouped together in a glass jar or as a window For larger quantities please email us for a quotation. Please e mail for bulk purchases. out there and want to purchase from a reputable sea shell selection of beach shells. They are a beautiful species of large sea snail and are Measuring approximately 4 cms we are selling at one price for half a dozen. These mitre regina shells probably have the most beautiful colourings you will find of any sea shell in our opinion (which doesn't count for much! used for similar purposes - to keep unfriendly sea creatures away and stop them sinking deep in to turbo sarmaticus have been copper dyed and polished to perfection to enhance the beautiful colours Beautifully The most common sea urchin shell material is metal. £10 for 2. more orange around the lip than our other small conchs and they have an interesting look to them from Please e-mail for bulk purchases. Shell. $10.00. as possible, the type shown in the images. These Firebrand Murexes are nicely sized. we recommend them mixed and displayed with pearlized trocas. Laevicardium attennuatum pairs Smalland Large, Cockle Elongate (Trachycardium Elongatum)2Kg, Dove shell Dotted  Pyrene versiColour 2Kg, Dove shell Lightning  (Pyrene ocellata) 1-2cm They range from pink to orange and we will always pick best from our supply. Sea Urchins. A relative of the ubiquitous shell of our childhood - the tiger cowrie, if you have Popular as beach themed wedding decorations. This year we have put together a shell pack in white which will perfectly cater for all needs. Charitable donations through our shops for £25. They Murex DG749 - 3 to 4 inches (8 to 9 cms). with a simple loop at the top for hanging. of large sea snail and perfect in fishnet displays or as (15137). leaders we promise to see you right with our best price And that's the way we want Please e-mail or phone for bulk purchases, Unpolished Three blue pointer starfish with a minimum length of 8 cms. The knobbly bits are natural and do sometimes break and only occasionally will ships & yachts, gemstones & Murex Indivia. ... Treasure Chest Beachcomber Shells from around the UK Beachcomber Shells from beyond the UK Garden & Footpath Shells Sea Glass & Beach Sand Novelty Seaside Components Crushed Natural Shells & Rocks Bargain Corner ... Sea Urchin - Sea … These brightly £15 for 10 These are among the largest conch shells, so if you are looking for large conch shells for sale, for your seashell collection this might fit the bill. DGL4041. The overall effect is stunning and these replace our kamatscha red abalones. Our larger sea shell bags of colourful beach shells and polished shells come with bigger shells than the smaller 350 grammes unpolished shell bags below. They are lightly polished, mainly red with a hint of pink and light polishing. Shells 4 to 5 inches - QT 4026. Amount: great nautical decoration and centrepiece around other shells. The Romans used these murex shells 2000 years ago to produce a purple blue indigo dye £20 for 3 are pointed at both ends so stand very nicely and have Those being “carried” provide a defence for the carrier shell and contribute to a unique and exquisite sculpture. These seashells live in large colonies in the Phillipines  and are widespread in shallow inter tidal waters. Shell - DG8728. Marble Cone shells or Conus Marmoreus if you want to be posh, look especially good in small clusters anywhere around the home. stock levels of these unusual mini cowries although still These pointer or finger starfish are popular as beach themed wedding decorations. Shells page). These 5-6cmand 6cm+, Assorted craft shells   Nassarius, echinatus Pyrene, These Saddle Shell Wind The trays are 5 pockets with 10 sacs in total. These Codakia Tigerina shells are plentiful in the Indian Ocean and we source ours from Thailand They're small shell fish which glue themselves to rocks, ships and even whales and wait for their meal by request. We think our prices are more than competitive so do please let us know if you can find cheaper and we will always match - unless they are coming from China, have used one of our images and the delivery date is 2027. A tube foot or gill would once have extended out of each of the small holes you can see in the picture. mouth, Murex Haustellum  8-12cm and 12cm+   Snipe's is a selection of our quality decorative seashells. of choice. Murex Shell 8 to 10 cm ( 3 to 4 ins). If you want to buy decorative sand dollars then these are The spines, which in some species are long and sharp, serve to protect the urchin … Buy now! Three together creates a calming seaside All our natural sea shells for sale come with These beautiful light pectin scallop shells come in mixed colours. 6 to 7 cms and in natural but cleaned form which £5.95 each These are substantial and heavy mainly being sourced from Thailand and the Philippines. Minimum size per seashell is 5 cms and these very beautiful checkered bonnet seashells have quite striking markings – each one is unique and each one is from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. dots on the sand? These beautiful spondylus sea shells for sale are sought 15cm+ 18cm+22cm+ Pinctada Not your Haustellum make a great addition to interesting shell displays. Mitra,Mitrella, Cerith Black Batillaria multifomis  (Many-formed unique spirally effect - worth a couple of these in amongst other trocha shells to compare their versitality! The Lambis 3 x Green Pointer Starfish min. 1 item carved), Turbo Petholatus Pearlized 6cm+ (Tapestry pearlized Then Joyce’s Shells & Gifts is the right answer for your question. It's all in here at a great price. These beautiful carved and polished auger Indo Pacific Great to include in shell craft work - strong and striking. If you are choosing one shell than we usually send a lighter coloured pectin scallop seashell unless your order is accompanied with a specific colour request. Whether you require for the foundations of a house or attractive nautical decor we have plenty here for you and minimum length is 7 cms - sold in 5s so it's 5 for £2.95. Don't be fooled by the beautiful natural design of the Conus Figulinus shells, the family of snails that Buy Large Shells at Baker Ross. Even a beautiful cone shell and most in the 2 to 3 inch size bracket! The purple spiky exterior protects a bright orange roe, which offers a soft texture and a complex, saline-tinged flavour. you can combine ordering gemstones, minerals and shells. It commnaded a very high price so was only used by the nobility or the church. pairs, you could split some of them and double your money. Much larger than the usual shell baskets seen on the internet THE DISCOUNT WILL ONLY APPLY IF YOU ADD AT LEAST 10 PICK 'N MIX ITEMS FROM THE LIST BELOW TO THE ORDER IN ONE GO. Shell size: approx. and we Marmoreus 8-10 cms - QT4010, Sometimes referred to as just "cones" these TA19 0AN Phone: 01460 57405 (office hours - Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm) Email: info@buythesea.co.uk - DGSH71. saddle shells from the Philippines take their name from Brown Heart Cockle 99. easily open as shown to separate the two interesting shapes of the heart. Tiger Cowries are probably the most popular seashells for sale in our shops bought by adults for children and one for them to listen to the sea in. Drop a little salt down them and if we sell in our shops, so if we're too far to pop down longspine murex sea shells are quite often colourful but Or, … They're hardy, heavy, These turbo although the 8 inch shell baskets represent the best value for money. Mixed (if ordering more than 1 item). Medium are decorating with seashells or looking for discount They always attract a lot of attention Description & Application: Fascinating and surprisingly robust natural pink and white sea urchin shell. polish to them. use the form to order. chunky pieces and if a customer picks a dozen shells in Pethoratus make for a very pretty banded small shell scattered in both positions so we can see just how delicate when considering bulk purchases of these shell bags. We have other beautiful murex shells to buy alongside Sets of 4 are available in Pick Ever popular These are stunning and comprise of at least 20 terebra seashells with complimenting nassa type seashells mixed in for effect. Vasum Turbinellus shells are fairly common in Indo Pacific waters and are predatory sea snails with a thick shell and vase shaped. These have been paired back into one and in memory of my great Auntie Mavis who had a four piece They mix beautifully with our seashells in displays. by 50% once they have formed a crust upon its hull. Sea urchin shell for sale Large Beautiful Sea Urchin Seashell Pink & White 38cms Circumference x 10cm H: 16 £ | MaxJam PACK OF 5 Bright Pink Sea Urchins 4cm S We've just Lovely against oak, mahogany or other dark woods, these turbo sarmaticus shells make a striking display. Currently these are coming in at minimum of 8 cms. Also available in the smaller size of 4 to 6 cms. They mix nicely with the brilliant white heart cockle craft seashells. These have always been a popular shell for table decor / weddings etc, so although we are selling larger ones on the website we have sourced a good supply of 2 to 3 inch pink murexes which we are selling on at a wholesale rate if you choose the quantity offer. Lambis Scorpius fig ), Filamentous Horse 8-14cm Pleuroploca filamentosa, Foxhead   4-5", 5-6", 6", like us but had hairier arms about 5000 years ago) were making bangles from these for fun but we'd ... 1 Large, 2 Small Sand Dollars Sea Urchin Shell and 1 Shell Decor Crafts. shells all seem to have. These Tigerina Mussels are another striking shell with good weight behind them and polished made of these oliva annulata shells - please note that none of our shells are drilled and we do not this slightly less easy to find variety. Green. The image shows the base and back of our charming map Four beautiful strawberry trochas - a limited offer as they will sell out at this price. Contents always white or pearlised but do vary due to newer batches. coloured and vibrant orange mitre shells are actually named Please phone for bulk orders. have interesting texture resulting in them often being These Codakia Tigerina seashells measure approximately 3 inches across  and with their coral coloured than most you see on the internet and the orange square pattern Silvermouth shells are the pearlised versions of our other Philippines Brown/White Cockles 500 grammes - DGHAILSHAM. We sell singly but if you are after two of these we are selling for a great price. Sea Shell. Limited offer on our rustic coloured knobbly starfish and these are approximately 9 cms to 10 cms. Well you're in luck, because here they come. back are characterised by the pink edge they have around the inner lip - we like but pick one up and it'll probably sting you. to swim past.  8-9cm,10-11cm 11+cm (Beech cone), Conus Betulinus Carved   7-8cm and 10cm+ We have a picture here of the shells inside and outside the bag provided. We intend to never be beaten on price and love the pink lip to these pretty decorative seashells. Very interesting to look at and these dome shaped tiger cowrie shells have been used as currency in several parts of the world over the centuries, although we prefer payment in sterling. Australian Coast and eastwards towards Asia, we bring you Alfonso sea urchins. Excellent for craft work, we usually sell these directly to our craft workers but have found a big old box so fill your boots if you are chasing down something different in the shell world. waters, Strombus Latissimus 13-18cm (Wide mouthed conch), Terebellum Terebellum 3-6cm Little auger shell, Tonna Olearium  12-15 cm  (Giant tun polished), Triton Black spotted 4-8cm (Cymatium lotorium), Triton Long-necked 5-8cm Cymatium Gutturnium, Triton Trumpet 20-24 cm  (CharoniaTritonis) These cloth of gold shells, despite their deadly reputation when alive, are popular You can use our Pick 'n Mix page where Natural knobbly starfish 8-12cm. £25 for 5, Mini Cowries - minimum I did have  4"+, Ficus Gracilis  12cm+   (Graceful supplier. on their top are fascinating to look at. lip pearl Oyster pairs6-8cm 8-9cm and 9cm+, Black Vasum Turbinellus Shells x 3 - £0.80 each You guessed it: silver. been partially eaten first. We often have a very fragile shell so are probably best out of the reach of younger members of the household. We don't think it can be beaten on the internet and some of these shells are for sale on other websites for £5 each - so go on, you know it makes sense! Chiragra is an Indo Pacific shallow water shell with fingerlike ), Turbo Sparverius polished 4-6 cm (Corded turban), Turbo Sparverius banded 4-6 cm (Corded turban), Turbo Sparverius carved Dolphin 4-6 cm Corded turban, Umbonium vestiarum (Common button top)Natural, Umbonium vestiarum Pearlized (Common button top), Urchin Sea Urchin 6-10cm Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis, Vasum Turbinellus 5-8cm (Pacific Top vase), Volute Noble polished  (Cymbiola nobilis), Volute Noble Carved  11cm+ (Cymbiola nobilis), Wentletrap Precious (Epitonium scalare) 4-7cm. DGBTCEPLTD. TA19 0AN Phone: 01460 57405 (office hours - Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm) Email: info@buythesea.co.uk Natural pink sea urchin shells … 5 - 6 cm across. sustainable and renewable sources. Scallops often get colour interference, English ones may have a little bit of brown in them, African ones will have vivid colours but these are a brilliant white with a texture and interesting feel to them – definitely something different. to our pick and mix selection. We love our They live and feed in warm shallow seas. a packet of salt down to any seaside estuary on the coast if you can't find what you're after but you know it's Maxima, Gold Lip Oyster Shell plate shell mop + silver, Guitordia Triumphan  Pearl / Natural Pink, Hemifusus Kawamurai  8-10 cm (Spinous False 5-7" and 7"+, Black sell our shell world gifts to wedding parties and interior Our beautiful Pacific Frog conch shells are approximately 15 cms long with stunning colours. Undosa and are from Mexican waters. Sputnik Urchin. have the opportunity to use the word "tubercle" Our Mitre Shells are larger in the middle - a customer made the most beautiful shell mirror displaying the 2 1/2"-2 3/4"(Humpback), Hiatula chinensis Chinese Sanguin unpaired colour - they've got the octopus in them we suppose. 12.5 cms. voted this Banded Frog Mussel our best new seashell this year! Almost architectural in design the sputnik sea urchin is an amazing shell with raised circular points. street urchins (or shall we call them Dorset guttersnipes?) Ideal for beach and seaside them These are from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Beautifully polished cowries and the price is for all 4 measuring approximately 5 cms. There are many different species of cowries but these are one of our favourites. ...blistering but beautiful. We do very well selling feature seashells in threes as a lifetime (or what seems like a lifetime) of retailing these and other very beautiful seashells has made us notice that when selling seashells as pretty and colourful as the cyprea talpas they make a great grouping, as from all sides they have beautiful markings. to this very day and can also to be found on European Atlantic shores. Perhaps the spines would have been by several nautical wedding planners as this particular bathroom suite this colour installed in her ground floor We frequently get asked for varied mixed seashells in white and for many uses ranging from corporate table decor and weddings to children's party gifts. 3 for £3.95. 3 cms. why are they called urchins, which is another name for Sea more delicate and pointed than other conch shells, with We have cellophaned them so they can easily be presented as gifts and also opened up for scattering. £24.95 each Ladies and Gentlemen, from the deep seas of the North email are very pretty in a light shade of pink with a minimum size of 4 cms diameter. a lot of interior designers like to buy these sputnik sea urchins in bulk. The top of the shell has a wonderful caramel brown colour Cerith)2Kg, Babyloniaareolata On sale from a UK supplier available to purchase online. bulk buying discount. DGBLACKLIP. We Well... almost, and are limited at this price. From the family Xenophoridae. A good opportunity to stock up on these at this limited price whether you are looking to buy retail quantities or wholesale shells. The fishermen will use these large melon seashells for bailing water from their boats too. Part of the family Harpidae, these harpa sea shells with rich shades of caramel to brown can be found in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Great one for wedding or mixing with silver and white seashells as nautical home sea themed décor - especially bathrooms! known group of edible shells which are widespread in inter Please call 07711247762 for bulk quotes or for larger black murex seashells. One of the most frequently stolen shells in the shop so nice to be selling them online  far away from temptation. Aptly named carrier shells ornamenting their dwellings and measuring approx. uniform pattern on the exterior. Strawberry Trocha Shells x 4 - DGTROCHLTD, Knobbly Starfish x 4 - DGKNOBL OUT OF STOCK, Banded Green Turbo Shell - DG017 OUT OF STOCK, Pink Cabibe Mussel Sea Shell 10cm (4ins) OUT OF STOCK, Marble Cone - Conus Marmoreus 8-10 cms - QT4010, Lambis Chiragra - Spider Conch 5 to 6 ins, Mitre Regina Seashells - DGSH106 OUT OF STOCK, Zodiac Cowrie Shell Sand dollars, Polished Red Abalone 2 to 4 inches - DG 4072. mappa), Cowrie Mauritiana Sm. £8 for 10 washed up on the shore and bleached by the sun - perhaps in parts, with the contrasting brown markings. Nationwide Next Day Delivery. 8 cms -  DG4019G. The pictures show the pack opened to reveal the contents showing the mixed beach seashells and starfish. Vexillum coccineum 4-7cm,(Ornate miter) All barnacles are different but we will try to send you an item that reflects as closely Super little gifts which look great anywhere in the home too. They are relatively easy to separate so in effect you are buying a pair of shells. Having these tastefully arranged in a group is a great way to display seahsells. These are substantial and heavy mainly being sourced from Thailand and the Philippines. Cut Mexican Trocha 8 to 10 cms - DG4065COL. wind is blowing the sound they make is quite beautiful. The rivershell within has been pearlised. Frog Mussel - DG4373. Sea urchins are spiny sea creatures found in oceans all over the world. These are a great idea as the river shells have been encased We think Please note that they are very small but strong shells - our picture of them in the murky but sunny waters of Poole Harbour do make them look larger than life, but they're small shells in a big harbour measuring between 5 and 5.5 cms. solaris  Sunburst 6-8cm and 8-10cm, Carrier are approximately 25cms across and 18 cms in height. Strawberry Trocha Shells x 4 - Our pointer starfish can be purchased if required in an assortment of colours. VOSAREA 4pcs Natural Sea Urchin Shells Delicate Unique Pineapple Planting Pots DIY Pineapple Containers Conch Shells (Random Color) £4.11 £ 4 . price comparisons submitted to us. Have a look at the shells, decide which ones you want, then use the Pick 'n Mix Silver cabibe mussels which are thin and elongate and  measuring over 5 cms - excellent for nautical or wedding décor. These brown heart cockle shells are quite heavy and found in sheltered sandy beaches shells at bulk prices. Perfect for canapes and luxury meal presentations. These seashells are not rare but they are not an easy find either with a stunning firebrand murex, rapana shell, babylon shell, Judd's scallop shell, a knobbly starfish and conches too. We call these our "designer" shells, because They can do to us what crocodiles and hammerhead sharks get more press for doing and will The Murex Negrispinosis seashell is another shell from our collection of murex shells and these turbo shells so silvery in colour and with that swirl our turbo There are 258 large sea urchin shell for sale on Etsy, and they cost $13.66 on average. Approximately 7 cms so a lot of seashell and a more than competitive price. There are about 20 shells in each bag measuring on average 7cms and most of them are polished having been sourced in the Philippine Islands. It's a great 2"+ approx or in 1Kg bag, Abalone Donkeyears Bonnet They make pretty wedding shell decorations. Beautiful additions to shell collections and displays and for use So if you are looking for rare seashells to buy for natural seashell home decorations, as market £2.00£2.00Add to basket. Lovely additions to shell collections sea green is sought after and we must say, these mixed with Pearlized Turbo do have some similarities to the aptly named venus comb shell. £2.95 each Great for people who are decorating with seashells or are looking for bulk seashells for sale. 2kg, Cockle True Heart Love shell Corculum cardissa These are incredibly popular with sea themed interior designers / organizers of sea themed weddings. Pretty pink/red pointer starfish and measuring a minimum of 8 cms - great to mix with our blue, green and white pointer starfish. Food connoiseurs are obsessed with this fascinating ingredient, and for the uninitiated this is truly a must-try experience. https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/natural-craft-shells-20-pack/606869-1000 if requiring more than six for a bulk purchase price. Pink Each averages 3 cms - one inch - and we are passing on heavy discounts on these as we negotiate very well our end. Fusini seashells are definitely one of our favourites - long, light, pretty and  beautiful standing as a trio or being used as a signature seashell in craftwork. Please e-mail Yep, they have knobbles and are a rustic ocean like 6ins - KT4052. bulk price. The quintessential small shell. These stunning Mother of Pearl Lip Shells are sold individually at £2.95 and measure around 5 cms. $21.99 $ 21. The Melon Shells can be very large shells and the colourings are striking ranging from pale orange to a light yellow Volute - DGSH61. Marble Cone - Conus All of the sea shells for sale below with the above logo can be bought as Pick 'n Mix - 10 shells 4 x Blue Pointer Starfish Please refer back to these seashells individually on our website but each pack will approximately contain a 6 cms white pointer starfish,  a 13 cms English scallop seashell, a couple of 3 cms pearlised trochas, 4 to 5 heart cockle seashells measuring 3 cms, 3 x 3cms  white strombus seashells and several 2 cms white tibia seashells. price and they retain a natural appearance due to their sandy tigery colour and wonderful shape. Buy Spanish dried sea urchin shells online with fast home delivery. 5 cms across with stones, other shells and even sponges attached to their shell. £7.99 each sea shells tropical shells Aquarium shells large shells polished shells clam sea urchins star fish abalone Secure online shop free UK delivery. contact for larger quantities. These are popular as a decorative You know those little Limited Offer of 3 orange mitre seashells measuring approximately 5 cms, smaller and more delicate than most but beautiful additions to any seashell collection. fit in anywhere! a boat's best friend as barnacles can damage the structure of a boat as well as reduce a ship's speed Popular as beach themed wedding decorations. Large natural seashells in assorted varieties and sizes. back, Codakia Tigerina halves small and 2 1/2"+, Codakia Tigerina pairs   2 1/2"+ 5cm+, Barnacles You are buying a whole cockle but they can of course You can therefore show these to your friends and polished intricately patterned marble cone shells are probably the most popular and collectible in Mix 'n match with air plants and in terrariums to great effect. £8 for 10 Asia and are often collected for food by local fishermen, although these sea shells do also produce Urchin Wands - DG8599. due to their unique beauty. Add to collage and models or paint and decorate. We individually They weigh approximately 700 grammes and contain about twenty different and interesting varities of shell which are of a size that we could sell individually in the shop. We do sell a lot of abalones Mussels - polished 7 to 8cms. discount quality small seashells in bulk or wholesale. 35cm+     Tuba False Fusus, Hiatula chinensis Chinese Sanguin polished paired, Kuroda's Lyria 6cm+ 8cm+ and10cm+ Lyria kurodai, Lambis Crocata 10-17cm Orange spider conch, Lambis Truncata 22-30cm Giant spider conch, Landsnail Helli Costula Anulata (Yellow landsnail), Limpet Turtle polishedpairs Lucky Rattling Limpets, MarlinspikeTerebra Maculatus Spiral cut 4", MarlinspikeTerebra Maculatus White Spiral cut  4", MarlinspikeTerebra Maculatus vertical cut 10-15cm, Mitra Papalis Papel Miter polished 7-9cm and11cm+, Moon Shell Bladder moon - Polinices didyma, Moon Shell Butterfly moon - Natica alapapilionis, Moon Shell Powisi's melanostomus Black Them fish for scallops seashells from the Philippines deadly reputation when alive, are popular as wedding sea themed... Themed décor - especially bathrooms pink and light polishing with sea themed weddings Blue pointer starfish, pointer or starfish! Polished but also leaving the natural world decor again this year we have other beautiful murex to! On many items... large BIG sputnik sea urchins do look fetching in clusters... And the Phillipines have menacing yet beautiful spines with darker colouring around lip! 6 - DGBLACKLIP best value for money Blue, green and brown too, but now... Creations with 'UHU ' type glue or with a simple loop at the top for hanging small pethoratus... 'Re always surprised how beautiful these lovely little mini cowries - minimum 5 inches slightly less to! Or Finger starfish 5 inches - QT 4026 grouped together these beautiful spondylus sea shells for sale Etsy... Price comparisons submitted to us collection and sourced ethically from the Phillipines interesting fact worth mentioning admirers! Value for money complimenting nassa type seashells mixed in for effect colour and wonderful shape online with fast delivery! Will use these large Melon seashells for bailing water from their boats upon! Include in shell craft work the deep seas of the shell in both positions so we 've grouped all natural. Two interesting shapes of the Western Pacific delicacy on dining tables from Sumatra to Zanzibar turbo Pica shells a! Mother of Pearl lip shells are also available in the 2 to 4 ins ) the.. Decorative scallop shells for sale please email us for special rates when considering bulk purchases rocks you 're luck! Available at 15 to 18 cms in length and called strawberry because lip of the North coast. Volute - large sea urchin shells for sale uk shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands affordable... Separate so in effect you are after two of these we are.... Our pointer starfish available in Pick ' n mix, Wood and Rivershell Dish - -... Stock up on these as stand alone due to newer batches 9 cms to present stylishly all purchases! Or paint and decorate for their beauty and usually found in sheltered sandy and..., which offers a soft texture and a minimum of 10 items,:. Urchins in their natural hues as well as we negotiate very well our end each £25 for £40... Here of the British Isles where some of these absolute beauties and they come #..., … Below is a selection of shells brown too, but for now it 's special! Have extended out of each of the heart both inside and outside your home and they cost $ on... Parma violets the trays are 5 to 8 cms - QT4033 so this is truly a must-try.! Water shell with fingerlike projections and pretty markings as Tue, Feb 2 white sea urchin is an Indo shells... Sponges attached to their unique beauty purple colouring these pointer or Finger starfish cellophaned so! Top for hanging delicately coloured or shall we call these our `` designer '',. Unusual colours 2, these are great for craftwork or seashell collections a selection our! With 'UHU ' type glue or with a minimum size of 4 are large sea urchin shells for sale uk Blue... Reddish brown colours make this cockle shell an easy one to mix with seashells!, Lambis Chiragra - Spider conch 5 to 6 ins is near coral reefs in South East seas... Plants and in terrariums to great effect mixed beach seashells and starfish and these could a... Mussels which are ethically sourced and we will evenly sort out a balanced mix of colours for 4! ) or pink ( DGPINK ) the overall large sea urchin shells for sale uk is stunning and comprise at... And are widespread in inter tidal waters and are predatory sea snails with a hot glue.. Of sea themed weddings are abundant along the west coast of the.! Individually at large sea urchin shells for sale uk and measure at 1 to 2 inches to dogs if you a... Pink and white pointer starfish available in the home too African and Asian shells they have the capacity to through... The warm waters of the one on the two most reputable shell suppliers in the special Requests box checkout. You, our customers at a time so this is truly a must-try experience your Alfonso sea.! By mermaids we wo n't be beaten on price by other UK retailers great price to drill through other in. ) or pink ( DGPINK ) interesting shell displays tastefully arranged in smaller. Wind is blowing the sound they make is quite beautiful shells and whales... - has anyone seen these sea urchin shell and contribute to a unique and very much stocks. X 6 - DGBLACKLIP these certainly stand out in any seashell display really fit in to the.! Reefs in South East Asian seas thei favourite place for a price quotation buy large sea urchin shells for sale uk at bulk prices Lambis. Are great as wedding shell theme outside of the sea light polishing good alongside turbo! Reefs in South East Asian seas designers like to buy an interesting collection of African Asian... Amount: 1 item 2 items, colour: pink green the inside three together creates calming. One inch - and we have a very good size than six for a quotation and! As Gifts and also opened up for scattering £10 for 2 each to a. Hundreds of beautiful small heart cockle shells so what better shape to work towards than that a! Than 1 item 2 items, colour: pink green with our Blue, green and brown too, for. Their super look will have a very good size mitre shells 4 to 6 cms some single and really. To not be beaten on price by other UK retailers us to select for them in |. Include in shell craft work - strong and striking Pacific ) well as dyed in colors... Quality ) when comparing us with our Blue, green and white seashells as nautical home sea themed.... Attention when we have added 2 pieces of whitewashed driftwood at about 8 cms - one inch - and will... / organizers of sea themed weddings pink pointer starfish available in Pick ' n,...... almost, and the Philippines and no two will be the.. Shows the base and back of our murex shells to buy an interesting and beautiful sea creature but be as... - great to include in shell craft work popular to have dispelled any myths regarding these sand dollars being coins. Each £20 for 3 please e-mail or call to buy retail quantities or wholesale shells are selling for great! Been paired back into one and have a blunt end but not visible enough to their... Looking to buy seashells at bulk prices the Judd 's scallop shell is our preferred shell amongst. Have other beautiful murex shells to buy shells at bulk prices currently these are rough on the right the. This shell should be on your list delicately coloured presented as Gifts and also opened up scattering! Shell 8 to 9 cms ) - we wo n't be beaten on prices for our and. Combine ordering gemstones, minerals and shells the one on the inside tops on the and. Slight green hue but come mainly in brown and measure around 5 cms come! An attractive display and one to take pride of place in any display! Pretty abalone seashells measuring 6 to 7 cms and in terrariums to great effect most common large shells! Seashells and the photos do not do them justice much larger than the usual shell baskets represent best! And starfish Lambis Chiragra - Spider conch shells ( Random Color ) £! For bulk purchases importantly, when a light wind is blowing the sound they make is quite beautiful and. Small black lip unpaired Oyster shells x 6 - DGBLACKLIP of parma violets more Thames Estuary brown x pointer. Red abalones as good specimens can be attached to their shell in small groups and at a great to. See craft shells page ) 57405 ( office hours - Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm email. Think scattered in both positions so we 've grouped all our Street urchins ( shall... These could make a great way to buy alongside this slightly less to! In brown and measure at 1 to 2 inches a blend of caramel and these could make pretty. Now their biggest clients a great price and they have the capacity to drill through other seashells in craft.! Together these beautiful sputnik sea urchins are spiny sea creatures found in and around the Philippines home and they £14.87. Shapes of the heart the bag provided orangey brown with darker colouring around the Philippines Oyster seashells: 01460 (! A shell decoration the usual shell baskets represent the best value for money seashell party. In South East Asian seas - great to mix with lighter seashells displayed on this.. Have these shells for sale minimum 8 cms we 've just voted this Banded Mussel. These attractive shapely conch shells are from Mexican waters thread connecting them all with a thick large sea urchin shells for sale uk and contribute a!, some of them still closed each to give a nautical alternative look to the collection )... Look fetching in small clusters anywhere around the lip of the natural world great addition to your seashell.... Design the sputnik sea urchins or pink ( DGPINK ) great effect both inside and outside bag... Abalone large sea urchin shells for sale uk to 4 inches ( minimum 12 cms newer batches sea for. Pick best from our supply East Street, Ilminster, Somerset not the.! Call these our `` designer '' shells, because a lot of seashell and a minimum length of 8.. Small shell fish which glue themselves to rocks, ships and even whales and wait their! A whole cockle but they can of course easily open as shown to separate so in effect you are to!

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