(VI, 6) Marjorie leads a temperance campaign in Colorado Springs. General Wooden is injured by dog soldiers and dies. But he is shattered to learn that Dr. Mike has recently suffered a miscarriage. Unexpected guests include Dr. Mike's mother Elizabeth Quinn and two of her sisters Rebecca and Marjorie. Byron Sully (most commonly called Sully) is a mountain man and friend to the Cheyenne, who is played by Joe Lando. With Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen, Jessica Bowman. He eagerly says "Dr Mike Sully's waking up" "Oh! He is the husband of Dr. Michaela Quinn, father of Katie Sully and adoptive father of Matthew, Colleen, and Brian Cooper. https://news.amomama.com › 75028-remember-sully-dr-quinn-heres-now.html Posted on November 3, 2020 / Her life gets a bit more complicated when her friend Charlotte Cooper passes away, and she has to look after her three children. Sully's recovery from Rankin . His best friends are Cloud Dancing and Daniel Simon. When the Reverend tells Dr. Mike of an influenza epidemic in Soda Springs and that they don't have a doctor, she rides off to help. by Clare Quinn. (VI, 7) 11/1872Becky dies of diphtheria. Barbara Babcock Anthony's condition takes a turn for the worse, but Grace won't accept that he's going to die; Mike can't find the words to tell Sully about the miscarriage… I have just borrowed the characters. Dr. Mike and friends go looking for Sully. Sully's Choice is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and the twenty-sixth episode of the series. I wish the people who did would use them and create new series. What is shown onscreen? Thank goodness for that" she thought. dr quinn tells sully about miscarriage. January 2011. They have brought with them enough Boston finery to pull off a … No doubt, there were many times when Sully wanted to do this. Sully, still in hiding from the army, tells Dr. Mike he is determined to convince the renegade braves to return to the reservation before more violence breaks out between the settlers and themselves. (VI, 8) 11/21/1872Sully sneaks home for Thanksgiving. Disclaimer I do not own the characters in this story. (VI, 8) After Marjorie Quinn dies of pneumonia, Daniel survives the diphtheria epidemic. (VI, 6) Anthony dies of stroke. When Dr. Mike is out of town and Sully is shot by the cavalry, Colleen and Jake have to try to save him.. Summary [edit | edit source]. dr quinn tells sully about miscarriage. 1 Early life 2 Episodes 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 2 2.3 Season 3 2.4 Season 4 2.5 … Michaela (Jane Seymour) begins having pain and bleeding that threatens her pregnancy. Both of them, and the rest of the Chinese community, are endangered by ... Dr. Mike, Matthew, Brian and Daniel find a seriously wounded Sully and move him to a cave near the homestead so they can nurse him back to health while hiding him. Directed by Gwen Arner. Michaela tells Sully about the miscarriage. The town of Colorado Springs is preparing for an event of a lifetime, the marriage of Sully and Dr. Mike.

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