Your actual speed will depend on home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and time of day. If you don't have the physical line, an engineer will have to come and install it. In most cases, installation requires a visit from an engineer; it isn't usually an upgrade which can happen automatically. Full Fibre from BT. It’s our mission to provide the best possible network and the reliable broadband people need at work and at home. I represent a local group and we want to know when fibre broadband will be available in our area. The Government is also supporting investment to get fast broadband coverage to as many people as possible. The service is provided by Openreach’s growing FTTP network, which means as it expands Sky’s coverage will follow suit, so it’s best to check whether your home can access it yet. Can I get fibre broadband from there instead? But both Openreach checker and both show FTTC is available, which is why I commented on the first place, I don’t care about when I get fibre, doesn’t matter, I’m bothered that my records for my address show two conflicting bits of information. This website uses cookies to give you the best experience. there’s access to power and the other infrastructure we need, that the new cabinet won’t block pavements or access to roads, if there are other utility companies’ cables underground, or any other obstacles, how the cabinet will look – we have to take into account its visual impact in some places, for example conservation areas, that we won’t put the security of any properties next to the cabinet at risk. We’re continuing to take that network further – making fast broadband speeds available to thousands more homes and businesses every week. You can do this yourself in some cases, but to do that you will at least need to already have the line running into your house, whether that's a phone line or a cable TV line. And for that reason we’ll be doing some preparatory checks of the underground ducts in your street and connecting to your property. Add someone back into your life you’ve lost touch with via a video call, a WhatsApp, a voice note or through virtual gaming. Over the last decade, we’ve invested more than £14 billion into our network. The short answer is that it’s a really complicated engineering programme. It's worth regularly accessing the fibre checker, as we're constantly working towards our ambition of 20 million homes and businesses connected to fibre in the coming years and your area may be added to future plans. Openreach have recently changed their site and subsequently the "when can I get fibre" checker. Just pop in your postcode online today. In most cases, the equipment (router, sockets, cables etc) is free, however there are usually various equipment, installation or activation fees attached to some packages. With Full Fibre installation we'll upgrade the master phone socket (the white box on the wall) and install an Openreach modem (ONT), which connects to the fibre optical cable that comes into your house. Uploading also benefits from faster, more reliable fibre optic cables. You can use our fibre checker to see our latest plans for your area. The Hub and the Openreach fibre modem need to be next to each other, and both need a power socket The Openreach fibre modem needs to be wall mounted, and can't be moved once it's installed It's good to have the equipment close to your TV to make the most of broadband TV services. Or you can talk to your local authority. Address Checker Welcome to the Broadband Availability checker. This makes Virgin Media's M350 (362Mbps) and its Ultimate Oomph bundle (516Mbps and only available with Virgin TV and broadband bundled together) the only ultrafast broadband which is widely available in the UK. This makes it too expensive for us to offer fibre broadband there. It's being delivered in two ways, over a: part fibre, part copper infrastructure (Fibre to the Cabinet) capable of delivering download speeds of up to 80Mbps, upload speeds of up to 20Mbps. So it has an interest in keeping the various providers informed about its fibre roll-out. No but you’ll be able to easily upgrade to Full Fibre in the future if you decide to. This involves lots of civil engineering work – in lots of different, and sometimes hard to reach or remote, locations. We use cookies to do things like offer live chat support and show you content we think you'll be interested in. You can find the latest information for your area on our fibre checker. They get funding from the Government to improve access to fibre broadband through the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme. Although we might if the location we’ve chosen is in a national park, conservation area or other area of special interest. You won’t need to be in as all  the work is carried out externally. we might be having trouble getting power at the location (we’re not allowed to use domestic or street lighting supplies for our cabinets). Openreach has listed 251 market towns and villages in the UK’s ‘final third’ to be at least mostly serviced by the mid-2020s, as part of its wider Fibre First programme. The ONT enables you to get our fibre broadband and phone services and connects to your BT Smart Hub. Find out more. You can check fibre availability at the Openreach web site. Virgin Media has different priorities when it comes to publicising its fibre strategy. that it’ll be easy for us to get to the cabinet later for installations and any maintenance we need to do. You might also want to have a look at our Community Fibre Partnerships. First, we need to address speed. They’ll be able to tell you who to speak to. Sometimes we can’t tell from your postcode which of our green street cabinets provides your broadband. Let’s beat loneliness. Check details for a large number of your customers at the same time, rather than having to do it on a line by line basis. As mentioned earlier, there are two large fibre broadband networks in Britain: Virgin Media and the Openreach network. Enter your postcode into our fibre checker to see what connection is available in your area. When I put my landline number in the DSL checker or Openreach website, they both say FTTP is available. At the moment, Openreach is extending its full-fibre network to 40,000 homes and businesses a week, but by the end of next year, that will have to rise to around 50,000 premises a … There are some areas where technical limitations mean we can’t build our standard fibre network. We won’t need to dig up your drive or garden and won’t leave any mess, any excess rope will be taken away and the duct access point will be secured. Only Full Fibre delivers game-changing speeds of 900Mb on the UK’s most reliable broadband technology. The engineer will normally do this as part of the installation. Why is it so complicated? Why not? We’ve been upgrading the broadband network in your street, and you can now order a faster, more reliable and future-proof ‘full-fibre’ service from the communications providers using our network. In conclusion, Virgin Media is faster, but Openreach, used by BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet (and many others) is more widely available. If you live in an area which has fibre but the cabinet isn't ready You can’t order fibre yet but we’re working on it. By Dan Howdle And if you live in Scotland, there are plans underway to deliver fast broadband access to every home and business – find out more. Email | Link News. Find out more about Community Fibre Partnerships, we might not have been able to agree a location for the cabinet with the local authority, it’s taking us longer than we thought to get permission to close roads or manage traffic to do the work, we might not be able to lay our cables or underground duct routes where we need to – this could be because there are already other utility cables there, or other obstacles like blocked ducts, we might have come across unexpected things like archaeology or a protected wildlife species. My broadband provider’s line checker says that the date fibre broadband will be available in my area has changed. 66 Comments. Key benefit. When I put in my number and address on the BT site it says no fibre available. Around the end of 2019, Openreach began rolling out faster speeds using a different technology which still uses the existing copper lines. If you're happy with the use of cookies by Openreach and selected partners, click OK. If there aren’t any plans for fibre broadband in your area To see our latest plans for your area, please use our fibre checker. The fibre check includes a handy map which shows current availability, and potential future coverage too. Another option is for your community to privately fund upgrading your cabinet. Average speeds based on speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time (8-10pm). | Wednesday, May 27th 2020. Your exchange needs to be enabled before we can upgrade the associated cabinets. If we’re reviewing your area You can’t order fibre broadband, unfortunately. Here we will take a look at how best to know what you can get and what you should choose. Cable is operated and owned by Existent Ltd © 2005-2020. The speeds mentioned above apply to most broadband providers (BT, Sky, TalkTalk and many others), because they all use the Openreach network. Or you might want to think about a Community Fibre Partnership. The majority of broadband providers use the Openreach network, so if you want to see what’s available in your area, you can enter your postcode on the Openreach fibre broadband checker… Or you can talk to your local authority. Who do we contact? One of our contract partners will be doing the work and they’ll knock on your door before they start to identify themselves and let you know they’ll be doing the work. 145,546 Openreach full fibre premises added to our coverage in last month. Your information is safe with us. Some offer better equipment, while some are cheaper or bundle more extras in their packages. Please can you help us by first carrying out an availability check using the Openreach tool found here before completing the form. We use cookies to do things like offer live chat support and show you content we think you'll be interested in. As a first step, you should contact your local authority. Covering around 96% of UK premises, the Openreach network is larger than Virgin Media's, though around 60% of UK premises can access Virgin Media. Who can I talk to locally about working together to get funding for fibre broadband in our area? Openreach is the UK’s digital network business. Now all it says is " Good news – we’ll be upgrading your area to Fibre … If you think you might be able to get it, our tools are still on of the best ways to check. (This is all speculation on our part of course.) There are lots of different schemes available which might work for you: As a first step, we suggest you talk to your local authority. See our privacy policy. Increased speed gives a much smoother online experience, allowing Netflix, Amazon, iPlayer and others to get through a film or TV show without reverting to low-quality video or buffering for ages. Indeed, doing so may hinder its plans by giving valuable intelligence to the competition. Fibre to the Premises on Demand enables you to order Generic Ethernet Access over Fibre to the Premises (GEA-FTTP) in speeds up to 1Gbps for your customers who are within a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) exchange area and are served by a FTTC enabled cabinet. You’ll need to contact a broadband provider to do it. The operator told that their site has been … To order by phone call our experts free on. When we decide to upgrade our network in a particular area, we give details of this to the chief executive of the local authority and its regeneration or planning departments. When we decide to upgrade our network in a particular area, we give details of this to the chief executive of the local authority and its regeneration or planning departments. Openreach engineers build and maintain the UK's communication network, and have done for many years. The Bulk Checker gives you Fibre to the Cabinet availability and speed details for up to one million of your customers' lines from a list of either directory numbers or Metallic Path Facility IDs you have given us. If your area is shown as “accepting orders” You can order fibre broadband. We have a separate guide on that. I’ve been told the cabinet my home is connected to doesn’t provide fibre broadband. They’ll be able to tell you if you’re likely to be covered in the next round of Government subsidy. Not usually. We’ll be inserting a rod into our underground duct and pushing it through to the chamber in the footpath. Use our switching reminder and we'll email you when your deal is coming to an end so you don't lose out! How Community Fibre Partnerships work There needs to be a joint funding arrangement in place, where we contribute as much of the cost as we can, and the community funds the rest. Find out more about Community Fibre Partnerships. We’ll then pull a rope back through the duct and secure it by your property as shown in the photos. Superfast Fibre Access has been designed to be an attractive proposition for the widest possible customer base. You just need to type in your postcode and you will be shown detailed information showing if your area has fibre, planned, under review or already up and running. We’re doing our best to make sure people in rural areas have access to fast fibre broadband. For example: So if something like this has happened in your area, that might be the reason why the date’s changed. Your fibre checker can’t give me an answer on whether I can get fibre. The city of Aberdeen in Scotland is about to get a second “gigabit-capable” Fibre-to-the-Premises based broadband ISP network after Openreach announced that it had finally started to roll-out in the area, which is already home to an existing deployment by rival Cityfibre (Gigafast Broadband). You might be able to help them decide which areas to prioritise for the next wave of BDUK funding. We can’t comment on other companies’ line checkers though, so if you have questions you’ll need to talk to them directly. If you own your own home that shouldn't be a problem, but do bear in mind that if you rent, you will need the permission of the property owner (landlord or agency) and you will need to provide said permission to your new provider before they will start drilling holes in your walls. Saturday, December 12, 2020 11:57 AM; 2 comments; The Openreach FTTP footprint that is in our stats now stands at some 3,360,800 premises, though this is already out of date as some FTTP has been found in Northern Ireland already today. Why? The bad news for the remaining 4% is that reaching them is getting harder and slower as they tend to be in the most challenging places to reach geographically. If you're reading this during the COVID-19 crisis, that could be problematic. So perhaps it isn't in Virgin Media's interest to publicise where it will set up next. See if Full Fibre is in your area. Virgin Media broadband, which is available to around 60% of homes, currently offers download speeds of 54Mbps, 108Mbps, 213Mbps, 362Mbps and 516Mbps. Unfortunately not. Before the change my cabinet came up as "in design" with numerous stages left to go before I can get fibre. However, much faster speeds are available from Virgin Media, which owns its own cable network. You can use our fibre checker to see our latest plans for your area. Fibre broadband is significantly faster. If your home hasn't had these services before, then the physical sockets for phones or cable connections will also need to be installed. As well as working on installing equipment in our exchanges, we’re also overlaying part of our existing copper network (the part between exchanges and green cabinets) with fibre. So there’s a lot to do. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help – we’ve previously worked with hundreds of communities to get them fibre broadband through a Community Fibre Partnership. Step 1: Check your Hub Check all cables are firmly plugged in. Fibre has many advantages over standard broadband. The work usually takes no more than 20 minutes and we’ll use a rod in our underground duct to check it’s clear of obstructions. Openreach is asking the community of Mickley to get behind a bid to bring ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband to the rural Northumbrian hamlet..