Comment by Thanks Adam. Take form ID1 to a solicitors’ firm. I also do not want to 'lose' the original documents, both for historic reasons and because they relate to properties that are no longer owned by my family - but I believe that I will have these returned to me. Would this information be detailed in the Deeds for my property? If there’s a name missing then you can apply to update the register and include a copy of driving licence or passport (name page). posted on posted on on 08 February 2019, I done a search on the website and found the title number and it’s definitely registered in the name of my parents and paid for a copy of this along with a copy of the plan. how do I get this changed? posted on Comment by linda Hi Adam, we have just paid off our mortgage for a property we moved into in 2013, and the Title documents have now been updated at Land Registry, Title Number ND137651. Comment by posted on It's quick and easy to obtain land deed information via our site. The guidance has been written for legal professionals who normally lodge this type of application on their client's behalf and it may therefore contain some unfamiliar terms. Leela - I don't really understand your question, The key issue is I assume whether the neighbouring properties dovetail re the rights granted/reserved both in the Act and specifically in the Conveyance/Transfer as appropriate. We have a certificate of lawfulness - how do we go about our next steps to gain deeds to the property or to get a loan against the property or anything similar for the future please ? Is there any way of seeing more details such as an address to contact them on? Frank - the position does not really change, only the facts do and who is willing to confirm them. Comment by posted on Briggsy posted on How long might this process take? If you want to see a scanned copy of the deeds that we have on file, start by searching our property information and finding your property’s title number. There were also some changes from leasehold to freehold with this Title NGL499284. We then obtained planning permission and built our property on the land in 1981/82 which we have lived in ever since (37 years). Our PG 62 for example explains how rights can be extinguished and sometimes 'abandoned' AdamH Hi, really hoping you can help. Comment by Those solicitors can contact us directly if needed. Where do we go from here? The bank's letter did not even tell me what forms , internet web pages to go to. on 28 May 2020, Marie-Louise - you’d need to confirm any change with your local authority. posted on Mr J.M. The mortgage was taken out before 2003, and there were paper deeds; should we chase Lloyds for their return? We're in the process of buying a house and our solicitor has said that "when the property was first registered at the Land Registry details of easements and restrictions were not provided to the Land Registry and the seller has no information at all about this or the previous deeds other than a photocopy of a 1968 deed when the land was first conveyed". Fill in the deeds request form. Rusk Would the freeholder have had to sign off on it? S Crean I have just paid £30 for another form , I need to see if the bank's name is off the title information, I am sick and tired of paying for forms that I don't even know are right, I thought by phoning the land registry they would at least give me the right form, all they want is money for no service. Thank you for your reply. posted on Thank you Adam, my husband has reminded me that the form we filled in will be in his name john Yardley as we were not married at the time we bought the house,don't know if that will make any difference, I have so much appreciation for any dealing with forms all day posted on we got the registered documentation/deed but I never really read it. Thankyou, Comment by Apologies if this has been explained but I missed it or didn't understand. On the one hand you could say you own it because we’ve registered it to you. Thank you so much! AdamH posted on AdamH I'm a bit confused about how sloppy the holding of the deeds to a property are, the deeds are the documents to the ownership of the property, if you pay all that money for a property and are not given the deeds how can you legally own it? If your Q is what do I need and how do I get it can you explain what the need relates to? Comment by on 18 March 2020. posted on Comment by You can approach a local museum or perhaps the County Records office but no guarantees either would want them, Comment by The solicitors acting will be best placed to look into this as it can be a complex area and contact us direct if needed. Heather Forrester Norma on 21 March 2019. Adam, first of all thanks for your prompt reply. From what I can gather, as long as they are listed on Land Registry, I don't personally need to obtain copies of the original paper deeds (we used several solicitors back in the day, so are unsure who dealt with the purchases). posted on Comment by The normal process on a property sale is for the buyer's solicitor to do this along with the other enquiries they make on behalf of their client. posted on on 06 November 2018, Hi Ian thanks for your response. Marie-Louise Morley Y Aung I went into the purchase with sound legal advice, but I think its time to revisit the situation. (b) to make the dwelling-house subject to all such easements and rights for the benefit of other property …, Paragraph 3 states that … on 27 January 2019. Comment by Adam, You're welcome. The post code is BR2 0LW. Why I am being asked to pay £59 plus vat for what is rightfully mine ? I even have confirmation from Trafford council original grantor to support the existanc of such easements to the property. Comment by posted on Whilst it is a two tiered system in many ways it’s not for the reasons you suggest. You can lodge the form DS1 at the same time. Sadly the practice is no longer around. Ricky - do you mean a covenant or is it an easement/right of way? However if that’s not the case but you are claiming that over time you have become the owner then that’s a different application. The fact that the developer effectively went off plan may impact on the ‘risk’ aspects re next steps but it doesn’t affect the registration as we seem to have included more land than was actually transferred, Comment by Would be very grateful for any advice you may have. An EA will have experience also but they don’t do the conveyancing or act for the buyer, Comment by Comment by HM Land Registry; Business e-services Find a property Supplementary menu links. Is the Land Registry likely to hold a list of title deeds for those years between 1927 and 1995? Comment by As the article explains we discontinued issuing Land/Charge Certificates which were a copy of what we held on record/electronically. Comment by IFC - Hi. 1. Comment by As they are also referred to on ever registered title on all the other 5 properties in the complex could land registry not copy the missing notes from one of these properties to complete the title on the one where they are missing. posted on However: The Land Registry and title deeds. However the rights relevant to the rights of way over the passageway are not specific to the Act as they are separately referred to in each Conveyance. Comment by The Land Regsitry title plan only shows the 'general' position of the boundary. Now, I am a person of a generous disposition so my immediate thought was, “perhaps because he is a solicitor he interpreted my statement that, “I was looking for the deeds of our property” as, “I was looking for the title of ownership of the property.” on 12 June 2020. What should we do ? By memory mortgage was settled around 1975 mum has dementia but thankfully still living at home at 94, power of attorney is in place so what would the process be to register the property and is this sufficient for selling when needed. And there appears to be a void in the Registry records, it's as if the house doesn't exist. Comment by It seems that both we and they had forgotten this., Comment by on 02 May 2018. But in my experience that is very rare but your solicitor will have far more experience of how necessary such an approach would be here. on 06 November 2020. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Rusk posted on We then built an annexe extension onto our property for them to live in but did not require a mortgage to do this. posted on posted on They don;t mean any other deeds/documents I'm afraid, Comment by posted on it does say details were changed. Our children are now dead vessels taken from the living sovereign common law of the land & made a slave of the sea. posted on on 29 October 2020, Briggsy - the electronic register and title plan are the ‘deeds’ as explained in the blog article. posted on This is sometimes contained in the charge/mortgage document itself but more usually in the loan agreement(s). The key deeds were the Conveyances from one seller to a buyer and so on so you had a series of deeds showing how the property had changed hands over the years. Your original solicitor must have ascertained such details at the time of your purchase but those details are now 'lost'. My sister has paid off her commercial mortgage around 7 weeks ago, she has received a letter from her mortgage lender stating the discharge documents have been forwarded to the relevant land registry for them to arrange the removal of legal charge, for confirmation that our interest in the property has been discharged, please contact the relevant land registry direct. posted on We're objecting to a planning application for a house which backs on to our road (we are in a quiet cul de sac). on 17 May 2018, Hi, I received deeds from the mortgage company when I paid it off. Comment by most other maisonettes have title absolute already so I don't understand why it would be that hard. posted on Many thanks Is this an issue? Moreover, we don't like the idea of solicitors holding deeds, in case that company were to dissolve, one day. AdamH on 31 July 2019, Ben - was it a new lease or an existing one? I have someone named in the short particulars of the lease on my deeds and want to try and contact them to discuss freehold purchase. You mentioned the average is around 34 working days. Cfd morris They are not digitally registered and were not even sure who the morgage lender was. As and when you or anyone else needs to prove ownership or what is registered you get a new copy online or by post as appropriate, Comment by